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Technical Difficulties
by Katie_V

So the image editor on my laptop kind of sucks, and trying to do the super-awesome special effects for the next chapter of WON on it is driving me batty. I'm on vacation for another week, and then I'll head home to the good computer where I can digitally collage to my little heart's content.

Expect the next strip on...oh, let's play on the safe side and say Wednesday, July 28th 2010. In the meantime, I'll work out scripts for the next couple of chapters so I only have to worry about the images. 

If this is you're first visit to WON, don't worry...I have no intention of keeping the blog as the main page. Just figured that since there will be no new strips for the next ten days I'd post the reason why for passersby.

Thanks for your support of this very new enterprise. And extra thanks and love to my subscribers, from New Mexico to Sweden!

New Strip Release Plan
by Katie_V

So I've now posted all of the strips I'd made before I found Comic Fury, and I created one day before yesterday and put it up as well.

Yesterday I drove 10 hours to visit my family, so of course got nothing done on WON.  It seems I need some sort of set publishing schedule, though, so here's the plan: Expect the next strip this coming Monday (July 12), and every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from here on out. I can't maintain a daily strip, but I should be able to keep up with three a week.

To those of you who are already reading and - particularly to those who have subscribed - thank you. I hope I can continue to amuse you. I have so many story lines planned and so many more characters to introduce! I can't wait for you to meet them.

West of Nowhere
by Katie_V

I wasn't going to start a blog with the comic, but then I realized that I didn't want to deprive you, dear reader, of the insight into my creative process. I suspect I won't update this often, but if a strip was inspired by a particular movie or TV episode or family-friendly personal experience, I'll share that with you.

You're going to learn much more about Michael Landon than you ever wanted to know. You've been warned.